What is Apple Volume Purchase Program?

Apples, VPP provides educational institutions with complete ownership and control of content through mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Users get quick and easy access to apps and books over the air at discounted prices.

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iOS and Mac Apps

Buy apps in volume for both iOS and Mac through the VPP store. Free apps are also available, so you can provide students and teachers with all the tools they need to enhance learning.

Pricing for Education

Organisations such as Soltech IT can offer educational institutions special pricing on apps through VPP. Once educational pricing is enabled, institutions will receive a 50 per cent discount when purchasing in quantities of 20 or more.

Educational institutions can purchase apps and books in volume using purchase orders, credit cards and ClickandBuy. Institutions using purchase orders can procure Volume Purchase Programme Credit (VPP Credit), which provides credit to administrators electronically for any amount through email.

Books from the iStore
Use VPP to purchase a wide variety of books from the iBooks Store. Discover children’s books, classic novels, reference guides and textbooks from major publishers, and bring entirely new ways of learning to your institution.
Flexible Options
When you buy apps and books in volume, you can distribute content via redeemable codes directly to your users. You also have the option to assign apps and books using third-party MDM solutions.
Managed Application Disribution
Easily distribute apps to users while retaining ownership and control. Invite users to participate, then assign apps using an MDM solution. Apps can be used on all the user’s devices and when no longer needed, reassigned to a different user.
Managed Books
Distribute and manage books, ePubs and PDFs you create or purchase from the Volume Purchase Programme. Books created with iBooks Author, ePubs, and PDFs distributed by MDM have the same properties as other managed documents. Books purchased through the Volume Purchase Programme can be distributed through managed book distribution but cannot be revoked and reassigned.
Automation Installation
If a student’s device is supervised, you can install apps and books over the air automatically. This ensures students get the right apps they need at just the right time.
Rapid Delivery of Content
Once iPad or Mac is deployed, you can distribute apps and content over the air. Updates to iOS and OS X apps and content can be cached locally using Caching Server 2 in OS X Server. This speeds up the download and delivery of content over your institution’s network.
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How does it work?


Set up a Volume Purchase Programme account by providing basic information about your institution and who will manage the programme.

Set up.

After enrolment is complete, you then set up and manage your institution’s administrators for the purchasing and distribution of content.


In the VPP store, search for the content you need, enter the quantity and complete the transaction with VPP Credit or a credit card.


Distribute content to individual users by providing them with redeemable codes on a per-app basis. Or streamline app distribution institution-wide by assigning content directly to users or groups using an MDM solution.


"With the use of iPads in lessons we are able to access resources immediately there on the desk and engage the students with their learning straight away."
Amy Smart, Subect Co-Ordinator for English
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