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Many schools and educational establishments have already moved away from local authority broadband. 

Partnering with EXA Education and Schools Broadband, Soltech IT are able to provide school's with a scaleable broadband solution with guaranteed speeds, whilst meeting all of the schools filtering requirements. 

Savings to schools and other educational establishments can be substantial with thousands of pounds being saved when compared to LEA's or GRIDS for learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my speed increase?

In most cases, Yes. In our experience schools actually have their broadband speeds restricted by the local authority or Grid for learning. For example, A BANES school was capped at 4Mb by GRID when the local exchange would allow an 80Mb connection.

Will the school lose its broadband funding and have to pay more?

No. The schools DSG funding which is taken at source, will instead be availble in the schools annual funding.  Switching to our broadband services will mean the school spends significantly less on broadband, with the remaining DSG funding available to be spent elsewhere.

How much money can a school save?

Each school is allocated a different amount of DSG broadband funding depending on the number of pupils within the school, which means the savings will differ depending on the size of the school. Our schools specialists can assist the schools bursar or business manager in providing an exact figure.

Does the school have to sign up to a long 36 month contract like they do with the GRID?

No. Schools are able to opt for a contracted period of 12 months and have the ability to move at the end of a 12 month contract. However, some school's prefer the security of a 36 month contract with a fixed and guaranteed price each year. 

As a school we are told we can not move away from the local authority and the GRID due to filtering. Is this true?

All schools need content filtering that meets LEA standards. The in-built SurfProtect® and Lightspeed Systems web filtering solutions, not only meet the LEA standards, they surpasses them, ensuring schools are safe for pupils and staff. These filtering solutions also fulfill Ofsted recommendations that schools should take a managed approached when it comes to filtering.

Our school has been told that switching broadband providers will mean other schools within our local autority who stay with the Grid for learning will have to pay more?

This is just another cost saving reason to switch broadband providers as schools are already moving away from the local authorities and Grids for learning.

"Having had our broadband connection provided by the LEA for years we were a little apprehensive to go ahead with another provider - we needn't have worried. The free web content filtering is super and so easy to use - compared to our previous one which we had no control over. The complete package we have choosen has given us 10Mb to ourselves (previously shared with other schools in the area) and is half the price we were paying. What more can one ask for?"

Lynne Hinsley, Business Manager, St Mary's Catholic Primary School
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